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Labels Markup
Default <span class="239a label">Default</span>
Success <span class="70e82 label label-success">Success</span>
Warning <span class="5aa label label-warning">Warning</span>
Important <span class="db7ee label label-important">Important</span>
Info <span class="81b label label-info">Info</span>
Inverse <span class="52e3 label label-inverse">Inverse</span>

/// About

Badges are small, simple components for displaying an indicator or count of some sort. They're commonly found in email clients like or on mobile apps for push notifications.

/// Available classes

Name Example Markup
Default 1 <span class="78b6e badge">1</span>
Success 2 <span class="2c3549 badge badge-success">2</span>
Warning 4 <span class="ac9 badge badge-warning">4</span>
Error 6 <span class="fde7 badge badge-error">6</span>
Info 8 <span class="051c0d badge badge-info">8</span>
Inverse 10 <span class="923c0 badge badge-inverse">10</span>
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